WordPress Expert Solutions "Full Service Solutions For Experts With No Time To Waste"

We are a young versatile1 software company from Germany, and head over heals in love with web technologies and creative UX.

Our mission is to help domain experts who work with WordPress make the best use of their time and their brains.

Because we believe great brains deserve great tools!

About Our Client Focus

We have a clear focus on “experts with no time to waste”. And that focus affects strongly how we design our solutions.

The goals of and the approach to work, in fact the entire cognitive process of an expert2 are completely different from those of a newbie. This implies that the things that each will find “easy to use”, the things that best support their work and make them the most productive (i.e. help them make the best use of their time and brains), are completely different, too.

A newbie’s focus is – naturally – on learning. So the tools that help him make the best use of his time are the tools that best support his learning process. Wizards assistants, step-by-step guidance and a lot of “GUI stuff” – at a newbie stage, these are the things that create the ease-of-use feeling.

With an expert, the situation reverses. Her learning-the-work times are over. She’s in a doing-the-work phase instead. Her focus now is on getting stuff done. So the tools that help her make the best use of her time are the tools that best support her productive process. All of a sudden, all the fancy we-will-guide-you-through-this-step-by-step GUI becomes a hindrance to productivity. To some even an annoyance. As an expert, she would now prefer to lead the ways of her work, instead of letting the tool guide her. She would prefer to take her own shortcuts, instead of always taking the routes that the tool has laid out for her. She would, but she can’t b/c she’s stuck with a UI that has been designed for newbies.

Our mission is to change that. To create tools that help experts in their fields make the best use of their two most valuable resources: their time, and their brains. Tools that support, rather than disrupt the creative work flow. Tools that are brain-friendly™ – to the advanced brain. 🙂

About Our Solutions

Our solutions are typically related to creativity, productivity, and usability topics, in that we seek to unleash creativity potential by (a) designing for usability that supports (rather than disrupts) the creative flow, and (b) automating “uncreative” routine tasks (we call them “boilerplate work”) and thereby increasing productivity (as a side effect).

In particular, much of our work is centered around the question “How can we reduce the process of creating web content to its essence, and create tools that support working at that essence, while automating everything else?”

To us, the essence of web content is – in many cases – the page copy. Pictures may say more than 1000 words, but without the words around them, they often don’t have the intended effect. At the end of the day, it is the copy that makes search engines drive traffic to your page, and it is what makes human visitors take actions when they are on that page.

Of course, the true essence of any creative work is what goes on in your head, but we can’t automate that. What we can do, however, is help you keep up your creative flow by eliminating and keeping away things that would disrupt your cognitive process. Hence, we design our solutions to be brain-friendly ™ rather than just “user-friendly”.

Our work is most beneficial to writers, in particular copywriters, ambitious bloggers, or any kind of copy-focused web content authors.

We particularly focus on creativity and productivity boosting solutions for landing page creation and maintenance, especially for “the writing folks”, supporting the entire landing page creation process from copy-writing to interieur page design to SEO.

Since site maintenance is a necessity particularly cumbersome to creative people, we also focus on automating as much of that job as well.

Lastly, since creative people tend to create a lot, they tend to need a lot of websites for their operations. So our focus is also on multisite solutions, in terms of both infrastructure and accessories.3

And, closing the loop back to landing pages: Since in reality “landing pages” are not just single pages, but small sites (mini-sites), our multisite WordPress setups and accessories are specifically targeted to support the creation and maintenance of landing pages/mini-sites.

In short: If you are a creative person, and a WordPress user, we’d like to help you create more, with less effort. 🙂

  • If your job is to write content, we provide solutions to turn your written content into a fancy web user interface on autopilot, and a rich library of content templates and conversion-oriented media to pick from.
  • If your job is to integrate an existing HTML design into your WP landing page, and fill it with YOUR content, we provide solutions to cut that process down to as low as 10 minutes.
  • Or if you want to use a specific theme on your LP that is different from your main theme, we got that covered, too.
  • If your job is to cover the on-site SEO of your LP, we have solutions to put your landing page on a SEO domain or sub-domain (w/o creating a new WP site!), automatically generate in-content structures that Google likes, and improve your content’s keyword coverage.
  • If you are a webmaster and your job is to create WP websites quickly, we can help you standardize and automate the entire process based on our innovative modular configuration system and our secure remote maintenance technology.

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We USE WordPress, but we ARE NOT WordPress

Despite the frequent use of the word “WordPress”, we are not in any way related to WordPress.com, WordPress.org, or Automatic, the company behind WordPress. WordPress simply happens to be one solid choice of a technology for websites – one that we are fairly knowledgable about.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2011
  • Globally oriented
  • WordPress Geeks
  • Suckers for Usability
  • 100% Green Coding™4

We Think Know

  • Brain-friendly™ beats user-friendly because thought precedes action
  • Experts think differently,
    so they need different tools
  • Most tools seem designed for newbies and that SUCKS!


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  1. Although the company is still very young, we are looking back on a total of 20+ years of combined work experience in fields such as software engineering, human-computer-interaction, usability / ergonomics, business process automation, and quality assurance, both on and off the web. []
  2. By “expert” we refer to anyone with advanced skills and experience in their field of work. []
  3. The often overlooked fact is that a multisite context embodies specific challenges non-existent in singe-site contexts, and thus it requires additional tools, and partly also a different approach, especially if there are interactions and overlaps between the individual sites. []
  4. In our parlance, Green Coding™ is a metaphor for a coding style that eliminates waste at all levels, from code waste (by following a DRYO principle – Don’t Repeat Yourself or Others – we hate to re-invent the wheel), to energy waste (by insting on efficient, performant code that minimizes run-time CPU and memory consumption, and thereby requires less electrical energy and producess less heat). For us it means we get to work on truly original stuff, and do a tiny little bit for our planet in the process. For our customers it means they get an optimal solution mix and better value for their money – and do a tiny little bit for our planet in the process. []